Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

At Njuka.com, we believe that it is important for you to be reunited with your money as quickly as possible. It is also essential that we abide by regulatory practices to process withdrawal requests in a secure and legally compliant manner. Due to this, we require all new members to verify their identity before their first withdrawal request can be processed. Please note that we will only have to verify your identity the one time, so you should not be asked to share these documents with us again.

Account Verification

To verify your identity and proceed with your withdrawal request, we will require the following forms of identification. These should be scanned or digitally photographed and emailed to support@njuka.com.

Please ensure that each file is 1MB or under, and that the email does not exceed 10MB. Acceptable file types are jpeg, tiff or pdf.

1. Valid Photographic ID

We accept the following forms of photographic ID, provided the signature, name and photograph are clearly visible. You can click on the below options to view an example of each:

2. Proof of address

There is a chance that we may also need to verify your address. If so, this can be done using either a utility bill, credit card bill or bank statement. The document must be dated in the last 3 months and we must be able to see, the full document, be clearly legible, with all edges of the paper visible. The full document will need to be clearly legible, with all edges of the paper visible. It can take up to 72 hours to process your documents and update your account. After this, you will able to withdraw from your account. Processing times are indicated in the above table but only come into effect once we have received and verified your required documentation. How long will it take to process my withdrawal request? You can only withdraw using previous depositing methods You will be able to cancel your withdrawal and have the funds returned to your Njuka account balance up until the moment that the withdrawal is processed by the casino.